Ways to Get Yourself Waxed at Home in 2021 For Complete Safety


As women age they try a lot of methods to look beautiful. Waxing is considered to be the most important of them. Not only it helps you get rid of unwanted hair but also gives you a refreshing skin. 

Though it is a painful process, a wax is still the best option rather than going for a shave which gives you hard and manly hair. 

Are you preparing for your first session of waxing? Let us help you with some quick things to consider before you book full hand waxing services.

How to Prepare For Your First Waxing Session?

Do not shave

There is a misconception with people that if you shave it will be easier to wax. This is absolutely wrong. The shorter the hair the difficult it is to remove. 

First and foremost, unwind! 

Here are a few things you can do to make the process more enjoyable:

  • Before you go for half hand waxing services in Kansas, take a warm shower to loosen up your pores.
  • Exfoliate the skin with a loofah to avoid ingrown hairs.
  • Before you wax, avoid using gels, lotions, or oils because they can interfere with hair removal.
  • 24 hours before your wax, avoid tanning.

Before you start, check your skin for cuts, scrapes, moles, and skin tags.

Pain is the reality

While no wax is completely painless, Mobile Skin Care, full hand waxing services uses a simple waxing process to ensure less pain and a quicker experience.

Strong wax is often used on more sensitive areas because it only adheres to the hair and not the skin, making it much less painful!

Some guests choose to take an aspirin or apply a numbing cream 30 minutes prior to their waxing appointment. And keep in mind that the more you wax, the less painful each visit will be.

The Special Things to Do in Between Appointments

To keep the skin smooth, tender, and clear of bumps and ingrown hairs, Expert suggests using after-wax lotions and exfoliators. They have an excellent line of all-natural pre- and post-wax skincare products that exfoliate and soothe newly waxed skin.

Body Waxing at home has a much lower risk of infection than waxing at a salon. What is the reason for this? You have complete control over the cleanliness of your hands and the waxing area.

To get the best results, you must, of course, feel comfortable using the items. If you’re up for it, professional recommends washing your hands first—an important precaution because waxing can cause tiny tears in the skin, putting you at risk for infection.

It’s also a good idea to sanitize the tools that come with the kit with alcohol before you begin.

After that, discard anything from the kit that is supposed to be thrown away, as this will help prevent bacterial development.

Waxing at home has never been simpler, whether you’re a once-a-month waxer or a fair-weather hair remover.

Yes, you might Get a bikini wax in a salon, but there’s no need when you can get it done so quickly and cheaply from the comfort of your own couch, while watching your favourite serial.

Waxing is a little more painful than shaving, but it is fast and produces longer-lasting results. Read on to learn how to wax at home, from the lower leg to the full-on Brazilian.

Research the salon

When determining the in home waxing establishments are legitimate, ask a friend to recommend a salon she knows and trusts, or visit the location to ensure it is safe. You can also look at reviews on sites like Yelp and see if others have had a positive experience there.

If you’re in a salon, you can always ask the aesthetician to change your sheet (or whatever you’re sitting on) and wash his or her hands before you begin. It’s better to speak up than to risk contracting an infection.

Do not use exfoliating products before wax

Although everyone’s skin sensitivity differs, experts claims that products containing retinol or exfoliating ingredients can render skin even more sensitive—and even vulnerable to burning. Avoid using prescription retinoids, as well as OTC retinol drugs, alpha hydroxy acids, and exfoliating products like scrubs, about a week before you wax.

Do make your wax pain-free

If you’re waxing a small area like the bikini line, eyebrows, or armpits, expert recommends using an over-the-counter anaesthetic to help numb the area. You may also apply ice to the affected area and take ibprophen or acetaminophen to relieve pain. To relieve the burning sensation after waxing, apply an aloe-based cream (without alcohol) and ice the area again.

Do not hit the gym just after you wax

Sweating raises the risk of bacteria spreading to your freshly smooth skin, so save your workout for another day. Wearing tight clothing, such as spandex or yoga pants, is also a no-no after a bikini wax (the friction can cause irritation and acne). To put it another way, you’re going to have to put on your cosiest sweatpants. Thank you so much.

Check the experience of the person visiting you for wax

You need to check the experience of the professional who is visiting you to get the wax done. She must be experienced enough so that you do not feel the pain and get any bruises. Not only this but you also need to make sure that there is no side effects of the wax session like rashes and itching.


Waxing is a painful procedure but if you have the right experts with you then it becomes a cakewalk. You need to just have patience and the more you wax the better the pain will get.

This was a quick guide to make you understand that it is extremely safe to get your wax session done at home. It will not only keep your up to date in your hygiene but will also give you a peace of mind to enjoy with flawless looking skin.

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